Talk Nerdy to Me: GPT's New Role in My Blogging Workflow

Talk Nerdy to Me: GPT's New Role in My Blogging Workflow

Alright, so here’s the thing. Ideas might grow on trees, but actually pulling them down and turning them into something meaningful? That’s special. That is the hard part. So I’m just gonna spill my brains here in the hope it strikes a chord with you.

And if it does? Drop me a line – I'm always game for a good chat.

The Setup

I host my blog on Ghost. It is like WordPress, but with fewer headaches and an API that plays nice. I used to doodle in Moleskines (actually, knock-offs), but now I stash my half-baked ideas in a drafts folder on the blog. A bullet point here, a stray thought there—it's like a grab-bag of potential.

The Problem

Drafts linger or languish there until I turn them into posts or decide they are not worth the effort and delete them. Looking now in there I can see drafts that are years old (ouch) . Maybe time for some house-cleaning?

I enjoy writing, but I already get enough screen time with zoom calls, developing software, and all the rest. Besides, it is a near impossible task to force inspiration and creativity into a time slot even if I'm settled on the couch with a laptop.

Inspiration strikes when away from the keyboard

I often take a break to walk down to the coffee shop or just take a lap around the block. It is in that time when the inspiration strikes. A golden, fleeting thought. It is in that moment I want to capture.

This is the insight. This is the opportunity.

I realized that I could:

  1. Record my thoughts with iOS voice recorder
  2. Send that file to a HTTP endpoint using iOS Shortcuts
  3. Process the incoming audio file with a Django App
  4. Transcribe that audio file to text with OpenAI's whisper API endpoints
  5. Use a GPT SuperPrompt to take my meandering thoughts and copy-edit into a blog post
  6. Send that copy as draft-ready text into my Ghost blog backend
  7. I get a helpful little ping via a Telegram bot when it completes

Easy, right?! (:troll_face.jpg)

Talk about nerding out! A sequence diagram how the flow works
Talk about nerding out! A sequence diagram how the flow works

Enter GPT

Let's curb expectations right off the bat: it's not going full HAL 9000 on us, but it is unbelievably good at honed-in tasks. My lightbulb moment?

Why not point GPT at my drafts? Feed it enough of my linguistic quirks and see if it can churn out something shockingly close to my voice.

Here’s my proposal: a simple API service that hooks up to my blog’s admin API, vacuums up those drafts, and transforms them into polished posts. It’ll structure the chaos, thread the narrative, and add those spicy hooks that keep readers coming back.

So, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and I’m building this thing now. The vision? I’d flag the drafts I want turned into posts, GPT does its thing, and voila! I get notified via my trusty Telegram bot. One click and I’m reviewing, scheduling, or posting right away. It’s clean and efficient—like a Swiss watch, but for words.

Imagine this: I take my usual hour-long walk, zen out, and when I return, five polished posts are ready to roll. Or better yet, I dictate notes on the move, and they materialize as blog posts in no time. The more mental bandwidth I free up, the more profound and engaging my ideas become. No more getting bogged down in the editorial swamp. Just pure, unencumbered thinking.

So that’s the plan. Feel free to tag along on this journey. Who knows? You might get inspired to hack your own workflow. Follow for the next update; let’s see where this takes us. And remember, the future isn’t written—it’s coded.

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