Don't be an idiot. Be nice to recruiters when they call

Some thoughts on why you should be nice to a recruiter when they reach out

Just dumping some thoughts about why those in tech should take the call, be nice, and understand your place in the market.

  1. Talk to as many recruiters as you reasonably can. They have their ear to the ground and know the market much better than you do.
  2. Recruiters will help you understand your value in the marketplace.
  3. Recruiters will help you pull your head out of your ass and help you freshen up that CV/resume.
  4. Recruiters are better connected than you are.
  5. Recruiters knock on doors for you. If they like you then they will kick in the door.
  6. Recruiters are on your side. The more you earn, the more they earn.
  7. Be honest with those who represent you. The good ones can sniff out the bull-shitters.
  8. Play the field – you don't have to be exclusive with one recruiter. (Except when applying to a company – they can explain that part to you)
  9. Do not be offended when the recruiter does not call you back. Just move on. This is a numbers game (of sorts).
  10. Find a recruiter that is good? Keep them close. Let them take you to lunch. Return the favor in the future some time.

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