How to get inside the head of a hiring manager in web3

How to get inside the head of a hiring manager in web3

We're diving deep into the mind of a tech hiring manager—yours truly. You've got questions, I’ve got answers. Been around the block from gaming to med tech, and now I’m living in the technicolor dream of Web3.

First off, LinkedIn is the playground. Sure, it’s no MySpace or AOL Instant Messenger from back in the day, but it’s where the magic happens now. For better or worse, we’re confined to this platform, which seems to be gravitating more towards video content. Cool. But what really makes me tick? Humor. Make me laugh. Crack a joke. Make a meme. The Web3 world is weird and wonderful—pepper in some wit, and you’ll get my attention. Relevance is key though—like when the 'Mona Lisa' meets Pepe The Frog. Got it?

Now, let’s break this down further.

Industry Know-How

First up, industry-specific know-how. Web3 ain’t just another tech rabbit hole; it’s got its nuances. Understanding how DeFi projects interact or the infrastructure needs they wrestle with positions you as someone who gets it. Show that you empathize with my business struggles, and you’re miles ahead of the resume-spamming crowd. Highlight those pain points—how cloud providers or node infrastructure play roles—and you’re golden.

Empathy, folks. It’s not just for therapists.

Bone up on the regulatory and legal landscape, and some Web3 companies have more legal entanglements than Johnny Depp. This stuff changes by the jurisdiction, and Web3 companies don’t all play by the same handbook. If you can navigate these waters, you’re not just a recruiter; you’re an asset. Believe me, an understanding of regulatory constraints makes your DMs infinitely more likely to get a reply.

Current Industry Narratives

Meme coins on Solana, anyone? The narrative in Web3 shifts faster than fashion trends at a Met Gala. Understand what’s the talk of the digital towns. You get me when you get the zeitgeist of our sector. If you know what keeps us up at night, you’re already halfway through the door.

Tools of the Trade

Ah, now to the how-to. Channels like Discord and GitHub are where this ecosystem breathes. Be a silent observer if you must, but get involved. And hey, don’t just lurk—interact, understand, and imbibe. Use AI tools to make sense of it all. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your research needs. AI is the Leatherman of our age, so use it wisely.

Social Media Engagement

While LinkedIn is king, don't think Twitter DMs will make you the prince consort. Engage with intent. Comment on posts, but add value — don’t just be the digital equivalent of a nodding bobblehead. And remember, humor works here too. Be the stand-up comedian of insightful comments.

A strategic, long-term approach will pay dividends. I’m talking social media engagement over time, not just a one-off like or comment. New hiring managers, especially, are ripe for this approach. They’re learning the ropes and value outside viewpoints. Be that insightful voice and win your way into their professional circle.

Technical Understanding

Technical understanding, folks. This is non-negotiable. A little knowledge goes a long way. Learn the basics of smart contracts, or why infrastructure fails—and bridge that gap to your candidates. Communication is crucial, especially in a remote-first Web3 world. I need candidates who can articulate their ideas clearly. The candidates who are good communicators? Those are the ones you should be sending my way.

The Art of the Schmooze

Conferences, meetups, and yes, take me out for coffee or lunch. These face-to-face interactions can fast-track your candidates through my hiring process. If your company isn’t investing in these kinds of relationship-building activities, they’re missing out on substantial ROI.


1. Use humor—fearlessly. Funny and relevant wins.
2. Research till you drop. Be the Nancy Drew of Web3.
3. Legal and regulatory nuances—know them.
4. Current narratives—own them.
5. Engage meaningfully on LinkedIn.
6. Understand the tech, even if you can't code it.
7. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
8. Schmooze like it’s an art form.

Put this playbook to the test. You’ll not just skip the line; you’ll rewrite it.

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