Ghost blog pro-tip: Fix those 404s for AMP pages

If you update URLs in Ghost, make sure to put the "amp/" redirect in your redirects.json file as well. Read on!

This is a quick pro-tip for Ghost Blog users out there.

I recently changed a URL for SEO purposes and updated my redirects.json. However, you will also want to add the amp/ to the redirects as well. If you don't do that then some AMP users might get 404s when clicking links from Google or elsewhere.

Here is the file in question:

        "from": "/ghost-file-downloads-with-docker-and-filebrowser/",
        "to": ""
        "from": "/ghost-file-downloads-with-docker-and-filebrowser/amp/",
        "to": ""

Also, make sure you have registered your page with Google Web Master tools so that you can get alerts on 404s. I found it pretty convenient.

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