One simple tip to remove the anxiety of writers block

Sometimes I struggle to come up new topics for content. This is one simple but effective strategy for clearing writers block.

One simple tip to remove the anxiety of writers block

Executive Summary

Sometimes I struggle to come up new topics for content. One strategy to resolve this is to simply lurk on social media and then join a conversation. It jump-starts my thoughts and leads me to original angles on things I'm interested in. Today I'll talk about my own insights and strategies to create or repurpose content.

I want to write more, but I don't know what to write about.

Been there, still there (sometimes).

Writer's block is real. When the creative well runs dry I usually start lurking on forums, on Twitter threads, or even on LinkedIn. In short time I usually find something that sparks an insight or opinion. It also gives me a good barometer as to what the current threads of thought are out there.

Researching my own past

Go back to the beginning of this blog and you will see that I have "upcycled" replies from Quota, Reddit, and Hacker News into longer-form posts. The conversations or questions out in the wild helped me understand what I actually think and what I actually know.

Turn a good comment/reply into a blog post

Make a contribution to the conversation valuable, but don't give everything

It usually starts like this:

  1. I find something that I want to reply to
  2. It starts a witty one or two-liner, but then I get going. Before long there are three paragraphs and more to come.
  3. Hit the brakes! – I cut-paste that comment into my blog here and finish the thought up to 500 words.
  4. Write a quick synopsis (tldr;) on the thought
  5. Post the synopsis into the comment section. Mention that I've got a more complete thought and the link to it.

Is this spammy or shilling?

Some might criticize this as spammy behavior, but I disagree. The question or original thread was inspiration for a follow-on thought. I don't think the comment threads are really meant for replies longer than the original piece. In fact it dove-tails nicely into a future conversation.

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